About Us


Since our founding in 2014 we develop, implement and operate applied and customer-oriented telemedical solutions for emergency care.

Our services combine medical know-how and engineering expertise. Our team shows 10 years of experience in scientific research, as well as 5 years empirical knowledge of live operation.


Our success roots in the beginnings of cooperation between research-scientists, developers and operators of the Anaesthesiology Clinic of Uniklinik RWTH Aachen, the fire department Aachen, P3 Communications and the RWTH Aachen University.

The technical and organizational practicality of telemedical support for emergency teams was first substantiated in a research project called “Med-on-@ix” (BmWi 2007-2010). The follow-up project “TemRas – Telemedizinisches Rettungsassistenzsystem” (NRW 2010-2013) then lay the cornerstones for today’s successfully implemented TeleMedic service.




Our operations team provides:

  • Standardized qualification and advanced training of emergency physicians
  • Train-the-trainer concept for qualified education and training of emergency professionals
  • Maintenance and operation of telemedical infrastructures
  • Organizational and technical support of our services
  • Organizational support and supervision of medical processes

Medical Services

With the aid of our physicians we perform:

  • 24/7 teleconsultation from a qualified emergency physician
  • Support and implementation of primary and secondary operations (such as patient transfer)
  • Professional consulting of control centers in medical topics
  • Assistance in analyzing and evaluating operation-specific medical data

Technical Services

Our development and engineering team realizes:

  • Provision and configuration of hardware and software tools for telemedical use
  • Installation and customized adaptation of technical infrastructures
  • Telemedical equipment and connection of emergency resources (such as ambulance vehicles)
  • Cross-linkage of third-party systems
  • Network integration of control centers