Every employee involved with the telemedical services must be trained in using the technical system with its medical and organizational features. Adjusted to communal circumstances and requirements the training take place in the form of teacher-centered lessons, demonstrations, simulations and on the job training.

Within the training an according curriculum, based on current guidelines and research findings, is developed and taught. Educated TeleMedics can view the contents through e-learning modules. The telemedic training happens within the existing telemedic services and is simulated at a redundant workspace provided by umlaut telehealthcare in Aachen.

Your way to TeleMedic - guideline oriented, proven and close to the processes of the user.

We support you with implementing the umlaut TeleMedic. Within the framework of the umlaut training concept, emphasis is placed on a balanced combination of theoretical and practical elements. The training takes place in the premises of umlaut telehealthcare in Aachen. The training of new telemedicine specialists is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Practice at the training workplace within the established telemedical service

Phase 2: remote supervision at the regional telemedical workplace

  • Focal points:
    • Operational tactical communication
    • Handling the technical system and the documentation software
    • Legal basis
    • Error management and support
    • Application of the procedural instructions
  • Qualification profile “telemedicine” (in addition to emergency qualification):
    • Medical specialist/ standard of medical specialist – 500 emergency operations
    • ERC; PHTLS
    • Additional qualification in emergency medicine (incl. examination)
    • Qualification curriculum “telemedical Consultation in Emergency Medicine”
    • Preferably LNA (leading emergency physician) qualification
  • Costs: 2.500 € per participant (excl. travel expenses)

umlaut telehealthcare offers the following educations :

  • Education and advanced training of rescue service staff for telemedical services
  • Education and advanced training of control center staff for telemedical services
  • Assessment, qualification and education of emergency professionals for telemedical services
  • Periodic advanced trainings in operations for medical and non-medical staff
  • Education and advanced training of supervisors and multipliers

To apply for certification of training points, please contact the Ärztekammer Nordrhein (Medical Association of North Rhine Westphalia).

Please inquire all additional information and registration details via email.

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