Our TeleMedic

Within our telemedical services highly qualified emergency physicians support rescue teams on site, operating day and night. They delegate therapy actions to be taken or provide organizational assistance. Our TeleMedic can be consulted for a wide range of tasks:

  • Primary operations – acute care for emergency patients
  • Management and support of secondary transfers between hospitals
  • Supervision and quality management
  • Participation in transregional telehealthcare networks



Our TeleMedic is available for emergency team members during transport too (e.g. to transfer patients between hospitals).

  • Improvement of transmission and receiving quality via the InCar-peeq®BOX through use of antennas installed on top of the vehicle
  • InCar-peeq®BOX functions as WLAN-Access-Point: connection of further devices (such as digital pads) is possible
  • High resolution video streaming from the inside of the vehicle, remotely controlled by the TeleMedic
  • Intelligent printing service for printing of operation protocols inside the vehicle


The communication unit peeq®BOX is the centerpiece of our telemedical service. It allows secure and reliable voice and data channeling via mobile communications.

  • Encrypted real-time data transmission (audio communication, vital data, photos, videos) from the site through various cellular networks
  • User-friendly handling through one-button technology - contacting the TeleMedic at the touch of a button
  • Serial interface through all common communication technologies (BT, WLAN, LAN, 3G, 4G, LTE, SAT, etc.)
  • Easy integration of additional devices and sensors possible

THE TeleMedic BASE

The TeleMedic base is permanently manned with experienced emergency physicians who are available for on-site rescue teams via cellular network. The base is equiped with a software containing the following features:

  • Comprehensive and situationally adaptive digital documentation throughout the operation
  • Guideline-oriented acquisition of anamnesis and diagnosis through checklists and deposited Standard Operating Procedures
  • Browser-based display of live vital data for diagnostic analysis and therapy definition
  • Bi-directional operation management: exchange of data between overall system and operation control system



  • Through regular training and advanced education umlaut ensures an optimal integration of telemedical assistance in established operating procedures of rescue services
  • Our telemedical physicians are highly qualified emergency professionals


In four years of live operation we gathered extensive expertise:

  • Since 04/2014 more than 16.000 emergency patients were treated with the assistance of our telemedical services
  • Over 25% of today’s regional emergency operations are supported telemedically
  • More than 36% of all regional secondary transfers between hospitals are solely supervised by telemedical physicians
  • Intervals without therapy until the arrival of emergency physicians are significantly shortened
  • The TeleMedic provides improved quality of documentation and better guideline adherence
  • The time of attachment to the operation is reduced by 50% compared against touring emergency physicians
  • One telemedical physician is able to support 2,5 times as many operations per year as a touring physician